Real Estate Closings

At Crouch McWilliams, our package for real estate closings includes the below services. Whether you are purchasing or selling a home or commercial building, our office prides itself on the use of technology and automation to make your role in the closing process as seamless as possible and to keep you informed throughout. Please contact our office for a quote as early as you can in the purchase/sales process.

For Purchasers

  • Review of the applicable zoning, covenants, and easements on the property
  • Negotiating a contract specific to your needs as the Purchaser
  • Ordering title insurance and review of the title report so you can be confident in your purchase
  • If there’s a mortgage, working with your lender so all deadlines are met
  • Preparation of an accurate closing cost estimate
  • Attendance at closing

For Sellers

  • Preparation and negotiation of a contract specific to your needs as the Seller
  • Review of the title report to ensure that any encumbrances are removed prior to closing
  • Working with the municipality to obtain an updated certificate of occupancy if necessary
  • Preparation of an accurate closing cost estimate
  • Preparation of deed and other transfer documents to be filed with the county clerk after closing
  • Attendance at closing

Zoning and Land Use Applications

Zoning, planning, and architectural review applications before the various municipalities can be simple or complex based on the property, location, and desired result. Both founding partners have prior experience representing municipal boards, so we can provide expertise in the development and execution of a successful application. Please call our office for a consultation to discuss your potential or ongoing application.

The types of applications we can assist with include, but are not limited to:

  • Variance from zoning
  • Fence or driveway gate application
  • Commercial sign application
  • Site plan
  • Lot line modification
  • Subdivision
  • Minor subdivision
  • Natural resources special permit
  • Special permit
  • Artist studio
  • Appeal of a building inspector determination
  • Modification of a prior approval

Property Analysis

The Hamptons have complicated zoning laws and property records that go back well over 100 years. If you’re considering a change of use, renovation, addition, or site development project on property you either own or are considering purchasing, we can provide an analysis of the constraints on your property and the feasibility of the proposed project. We offer this analysis so you can be clear on the available options and the municipal, county, or state approvals that could be necessary for your proposed project. Please call our office for a consultation and we will work with you to make clear your property’s potential prior to purchase or project development.

Our property analysis services include:

  • Review all easements and covenants filed against the property
  • Review any records maintained by the local municipality, such as board approvals and certificates of occupancy
  • Meet with you to discuss your goals for the property
  • Determine what approvals you would need, if any, and the likelihood of approval
  • Make suggestions based on our experience with the approval process to meet your goals as smoothly as possible

Always Working for You.